Chatty Pianist is a concert format, created and performed by Emir Gamsız, that offers a new communication for classical music.

Pianist, composer and writer Emir Gamsız started to play the piano at the age of 20 after quitting his career as a successful basketball player in the Turkish National League. Even though he grew up in his mother’s ballet school hearing classical ballet music as a child, he didn’t have any musical training. When he entered the world of classical music he became aware of the two contradicting aspects of it as an outsider:

1 – Classical music is the most advanced technique that can contain and incorporate all genres and techniques.

2 – Despite its capacity, musicians in the 21st century cannot provide an accessible communication for the audiences for them to grasp the beauty and the brilliance of classical music.

While tackling the most difficult pieces of the piano repertoire he also began to think and create different ways of communication as a performing musician. He often collaborated with theater and visual artists. He also made his priority to perform not only in concert halls but also in non-conventional venues. During his long time residency in New York City’s legendary venue Caffe Vivaldi, he has become known as the Chatty Pianist. Chatty Pianist concerts attracted New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds and became a big success.

In Chatty Pianist concerts Emir Gamsız curates specific concert programs around different themes. These themes are often social and historical subjects that touch our everyday lives and Gamsız explores these themes through music. He communicates with the audience, asks questions, offers philosophical riddles, makes jokes and overall creates an engaging, entertaining, educational and relaxing concert experience.

With his long time partner Ege Maltepe, who is a theatre artist and writer, they create interdisciplinary shows that entertaining and often educational. Talking to Schubert, Genius: Chopin, Drama in Beethoven, Tempest, Bach’s Riddle are among these shows. Since Covid-19 pandemic Gamsız and Maltepe are working toward making Chatty Pianist a cartoon animation film. Their goal is to create a positive impact on children and families for generations to come.